Parent/Guardian Curriculum Information

Students will come home from the first day of class with a sign-up sheet for the Parent/Guardian class.

Please no students at the Parent/Guardian class.

Parent/Guardian Class is valid for five years from time of completion.

  • Introduction

  • A new requirement of driver's education will be at least a two hour class for parents and/or guardians of children under 18. The intention of this class is to educate parents about the content of the driver education curriculum, the junior operator's law and the driving skills and behaviors that their children will be learning. It is important for parents/guardians to know the skills and behaviors that they should be modeling while driving so that they can coach and mentor their children to be safe and skilled drivers. This course will only be required of a parent/guardian once every five years.

  • Objectives

  • By the end of the class, parents/guardians should be able to:
  • Explain the junior operator's law and the parent/guardian's role in supporting the law
  • List the driving skills their child must master to pass a road test
  • Identify the driver's education modules and the relevance to developing good driving skills
  • Provide examples of family member driving behaviors which may negatively influence a new driver

  • Topic Outline

  • I. Driver's Education Overview
  •    Purpose and class structure
  •    Expectations
  •    Curriculum modules

  • II. Junior Operator's Law
    III. Necessary Driving Skills and Behaviors
    IV. Parent's Role
  •    Coaching and mentoring
  •    Supporting junior operator law
  •    Role model

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